Discipline is the key

The word ‘discipline’ always reminds me of my strictest science teacher. I hated the word discipline (not my teacher) because it was synonym with restrictions. I never wanted to be constrained by strict rules and regulations. It was taking away my freedom.

However, is our enthusiasm and motivation sufficient for our sustained efforts necessary to create a successful enterprise? Consider this :

In the initial phase of our business, we are usually very enthusiastic and fully motivated to put in our best efforts to create a successful business enterprise. We actually work very hard and put in about 12 – 14 hours every day. However, how long did that last?

Slowly and gradually this motivation starts to wane. The old famous habit of procrastination and laziness creeps in. We start crawling back to our comfort zone. Eventually we fall back on ‘mediocre style’ of doing business. Why? What happened?

Time and again the science of human psychology has proved that motivation is not enough to prompt any person to keep doing anything for a long time. He must develop ‘habit’ of doing things. HABIT - something that you do routinely, subconsciously, almost without thinking. It is your default mode of doing anything.

Aristotle has said “95% of everything that you do is as a result of your habits”.

Self-Discipline is your ability to make yourself do, what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like doing it or not.

Self-discipline is the foundation for creating great habits that eventually lead to transformation of your business and your life.