Business Plan Business Plan

Business Plan

Business Plan

Vision - Goals - Values

Starting and building a business is like climbing a mountain. You must first decide which mountain you wish to climb, how high you wish to go, how far do you wish to travel. Depending up on your desire, the preparations must follow. You will plan around the weather, food, medical kit, fitness and chart out your entire journey to the top of the mountain. You will not start your journey without planning and preparing for every eventuality.

Well, doing business is no different. As a Leader, you got to set Vision, Goals and Core Values of your company before getting to your business.

Instead of getting tied up with your day-to-day routine operations, you must take a telescopic view of your business, look at your business from 10,000 feet above.

As a leader, you must come up with new ideas, be a strategic thinker, get the pulse and direction of your industry, connect the dots and look at the big picture of your organization.

Three very important questions you got to ask yourself as a business owner -

  • Where are you in your business today?
  • Where exactly do you want to go?
  • And how will you reach there?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."