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An excellent read giving practical insights and written in a simple manner. Addresses multiple problems encountered on a daily basis by entrepreneurs and providing a road map on how to resolve them. Malay has provided real life examples from his vast experience and easy steps to follow to achieve your goals.

Shaivali Parekh

  • Excellent book giving practical insights

Great details and linkage to various business problems and their simple and yet effective solution.

The book is worth a read. You must listen the Author than reading it here. Its mind blowing n awfully inspiring. I learn how to delegate work to subordinate and colleague, I came understand how to proceed towards any kind of business problems.

I must say this is the best book on business leadership, if anyone wants to become a good leader must read this book it will teach you a lot, very informative, authentic.

I just love it.

Mehtab Shaikh

  • This book is simply awesome

So there are some books that you read and feel a regret as to why you didn’t read them earlier, this is one of those books for me. A remarkable book, and I’ll have to read this again. There is so much for everyone to take from it.

Business Champ is such a simple book that anyone can easily implement the ideas to see magical results in their business.

It is must read for anyone in any field really, and certainly a gift for a lot of my loved ones in coming days.

Kunal shah

  • A must read for every Entrepreneur!

I just loved the book because of the precise information delivered with a very easy to understand language.If you are looking for starting your own enterprise be it small or big, you need to have this book. There are real life examples in the book which correlates with what we are thinking when starting a business.

This book is the most practical book I have read on entrepreneurship.This book is very interesting and based on real-world problems that founders actually face. This book is a must read if you are planning to start your own business. Trust me, just buy this book. This is going to be one of your best investments.


  • A wholistic book covering every aspect of enterprise development journey

It's a must read for all, especially the first generation, entrepreneurs. The auther lucidly and in a simple way has layed out the very vital and most effective guidence notes, for systamatically building up entrepreneural ventures. This book indeed is an eyeopner and, in the hindsight, i wished it came to my attention earlier. The point is its unlike any other book in the field, author himself having started his entreprenural venture, "first generation" from the scratch and went on to build up a successful and much respected organization, through the successful application of the principles layed out in the book. Many thanks and congratulations to the author!

George N Antony

  • Must-read for first generation entrepreneurs!!

Mr Damania surprises me yet again with how multi talented he is and this time as an excellent author who is an inspiration for all the business owners who understand the value of establishing good work culture, ethical practices and structure to their organisations.

  • "People Hear Goals for the first time when they hear it 10th time"
  • "Optimize the Best Asset - YOU"
  • "We are our Business"


  • When I stopped my excuses... I found my way - Business Champ

I want to take my business to the next level. And this book has the apt examples that perfectly provides solutions to almost all the challenges that I am facing in my entrepreneurship journey. I highly recommend you to buy this, especially if you are looking to grow your startup 3 fold in a year.

Yugandhara Lad

  • Apt book for a startup

The book is an outcome of 30 years’ experience in CAs profession that enriched him in-depth knowledge of reasons causing a business, successful or failure from day-to-day discussion with clients. It will work as a true mentor guiding in resolving management issues. People in ongoing business having issues or confusion will come out from such situations after taking guidance of it. It gives some profound insights into why most businesses fail or stagnate and what one can do to avoid that situation It has been written in a simple and lucid language containing appropriate examples.

I thank to the author Mr. Malay Damania for conveying, sharing such thoughtful life lessons and business lessons in such a concise and simple way is really true gift.

Mumtaz Ahmad

  • The book is in fact required guidance for entrepreneurs willing success in business

Kudos to the writer Malay Damania for this easy to understand insightful book on business transformation, growth & ultimately success. The book is without any literary jargon making it possible for all strata of entrepreneurs and established businessmen alike to breeze through it and easily re visit it as per situations each one faces in their respective businesses. It offers an insight into issues and problems all of us face at some time or the other as also offers some very simple solutions and work arounds. Due to the author's deep experience the book is a wealth of critical information and guidance which would cost anyone huge resources by means of taking services of a business coach cum consultant.

I would say it is a must read book for all of us involved in business of any format. Look forward to more such books from the author Malay Damania.

Parag Shah

  • A 'Bible' for business transformation & success!

Business Champ serves as a guiding Beacon not only to a budding Entrepreneur, but also to those whom all who have already taken a dip as Entrepreneurs and are now seeking guidance to somehow remain afloat during these current testing times.

The matter is put in a simple language without unnecessary jargons and communicates effectively with the reader by citing simple pertaining examples.

The one liners preluding the explanation are the perfect punch lines which are self explainatory making it easy to register and understand.

This book is a handy reckoner for application of thought process and actions at a given set of a juncture experiencing any hurdle during the bussiness cycle of an Entrepreneur.


  • A Must read for the Entrepreneur community